Top 5 reason why Casaco is better than timeshare
By Malsha Khan

Top 5 reason why Casaco is better than timeshare

On the surface, co-ownership of a second home with Casaco might seem grossly similar to a timeshare. This might be because you will be sharing your second home with others and need to schedule your stay ahead and not show up at last-minute notice. However, this is the only similarity that you can think of. Timeshare has its own cons and multiple stories of displeased customers. Whereas Casaco is offering you a second family home away from home that you can explore and enjoy. It will not just be a getaway for relaxation whereas it will be your own personal safe space that will capture nothing but cherished memories. We make second home ownership simple, equitable, and affordable. Other than that, here are the top 5 reasons why you should be buying your second home with Casaco to infiltrate your vacations with nothing but joy.

Every Casaco second home is unique

Casaco homes are one-of-kind as they are filtered to meet your needs. They are located at top
destinations and have tons of “wow” factors. Each home has curated interiors that are done by our professional interior designers, perfect modern furnishings that are handpicked for you, modern amenities, and on top of that a very personal touch that just makes our second homes a place for you to relax with your loved ones and create the most memorable memories. A Casaco is a luxurious second- family home away from home. A timeshare is almost always a unit at a hotel or condo complex that has the same monotonous floor plan and furnishing. On top of that, you might have neighbors on both sides, above and below and this might turn your personal relaxing vacation into a “noisy and nosey” one.

A small elite group of co-owners enjoys each second home

Each Casaco is limited to eight shareholders per home, you and seven other owners will have access to our exclusive and luxurious second homes at top destinations (only one owner will occupy the home at a time, of course). In addition, Casaco second homes are reserved for the exclusive use of only their owners, and their guest-rental are not permitted under any scenario. Casaco vets’ potential owners, who agree to a common Code of Conduct to ensure they will treat the second home as their own — because it is! Plus, you will not feel like you’re “sharing” your Casaco. We conduct a thorough inspection and deep cleaning after each stay, so your second home is immaculate and sanitized when you arrive.  A timeshare unit may be shared by 52 other people — one person or group for every week of the year. Additionally, some timeshares allow for swaps or rentals, increasing the number of potential guests.

You acquire real estate, not time

One of the biggest differences between Casaco and a timeshare is that you own the second home. With Casaco you are a proud owner of unique real estate. Your share is a real property not just a block of time. Just like any other real estate, the value of your share will follow the market trend— which means that any equity realized is yours. When you purchase a timeshare, you typically own the right to use the property for a while, not the property itself. That is why you cannot usually get a conventional home loan to purchase a timeshare — there is no “home” as collateral, only time. Financing is offered through the timeshare company, often at a high-interest rate, and some buyers secure funds through a personal loan or home equity loan. Because a timeshare is not a real estate asset, you are likely to see the value depreciate, much like a new car begins to lose value once it is driven off the lot.

You can use your second home throughout the year

Each Casaco share includes up to 44 stay nights per year — more than six weeks! You aren’t locked into a specific week or weeks each year, and you don’t even have to schedule weeklong stays. You can enjoy a weekend getaway or a mid-week escape, and you have the flexibility to plan stays anywhere from 8 days to 24 months in advance. Short notice stays can be booked just two days in advance! You are also guaranteed one “special date” per year, which includes Independence Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other federal and other major global holidays; you may not get your first choice every year, but since you can book dates up to two years in advance, you’ll always have another opportunity to book your favorite. You book time at your second home using the Casaco app. It is simplified to your needs and equitable for owners, based on the number of shares you own. When you buy time at a timeshare, you are usually confined into a fixed week, consecutively each year. You may have a “floating week” option, but your choices are still constrained to a range of dates. With either option, you can only check in on certain days, and you usually must book a full week. There are exchanges and point-based systems which allow you to choose different resorts, but you will often pay extra for more desirable destinations, and availability can be limited. If you have a fixed-week schedule, you may never get a particular holiday week if it was already locked in by another owner. 

The resale process is simplified

We believe that you will love your Casaco second home for a long time, but when you want to sell your pride ownership of a Casaco second home, we want that process to be as simple as your purchase experience. You simply set that price list that you want, and you will work with a real estate agent who will market and list your second home just like any other traditional real estate property. Because our second homes are meticulously selected and located in some of the most attractive second-home markets, we expect a strong buyer demand for your Casaco shares. For timeshare owners, resale is one of the biggest sources of stress. There’s a supply and demand imbalance, with a glut of sellers trying to get rid of their units (and the accompanying resort fees) to a smaller pool of buyers. There is a resale market, to be sure, but most people end up selling at a huge loss — you’ll find sellers on eBay asking just a few hundred dollars (or less!) for their timeshares. There’s also a whole industry of timeshare exit
companies that will help you offload your timeshare for a fee — and, unfortunately, many of them have been known to take advantage of sellers. According to U.S. News & World Report, you should “buy for the memories,” not because you expect to turn a profit

Experience the joy, not the hassles

 Casaco offers exceptional second homes in the most desirable destinations globally. Our pricing and costs are transparent and equitable, and you will never be surprised by hidden fees or bound to a rigid schedule. Instead, you get to explore and enjoy your own private, luxurious retreat throughout the year, while Casaco takes care of maintenance and property management. View our listings to get started. 

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