Our agent marketing toolkit makes your job easier

Casaco is committed to making it easy and seamless to share the message of co-ownership with your clients. Our marketing team has created a suite of assets that can be co-branded with your logo and are easily customizable to accommodate your CRM of choice.

Casaco Logos

Here are our logos to download and use for marketing purposes.

Casaco Overview

Introduce your clients and agent peers to  Casaco with our company overview one-pagers.

  • Casasc information for buyers (pdf)
  • Casaco information for agents and brokers (pdf)
  • Casaco general overview (pdf)
  • Casaco home selection criteria (pdf)

Social media assets

Download our social media templates for posts and stories, add your logo (plus post copy), and post on your social channels. We’ve also included how-to videos for inserting your logo into the templates.

  • Instagram post templates (jpg and psd)

Email scripts & blog posts

Use these email scripts and blog posts to explain the benefits of Casaco to your clients and database. 

  • Email scripts (pdf)
  • Blog posts (pdf)

Email banners

Download these  banners and insert your logo to use in your marketing emails.

  • Email Banner (dark)
  • Email banner FPO
  • Email Banner (light)
  • Email banner FPO

Charts and product images

Download others  charts and images to add to your marketing materials and campaigns. Use them in print, email, and on your website.

  • Casaco vs. timeshare comparison (dark)
  • Casaco vs. whole home expenses comparison chart
  • Website listing mock-up(desktop)
  • Website listing mock-up(mobile)

Window Displays

Download and Print these window displays designed for your office.

  • Vertical window display 1
  • Vertical window display 2
  • Horizontal window display 1
  • Horizontal window display 2